October 16 – In-House PD

Balanced Listening Instruction by Beth Sheppard

Part 1 How Does Listening Work?

Part 2 Approaches to Listening Instruction

Part 3 Listening Assessment


Activity list and References

Balanced Listening Instruction handout

Buck 2001 pages

September 25 – In-House PD

Winnie Low Introduction to Personal Information and Privacy

Recording: K:\ELI_Teachers\Professional Development Sessions

September 18 – In-House PDChristine Hoppenrath on Successful International Learners:

Assisting with Writing Across the Curriculum

K:\ELI_Teachers\Professional Development Sessions\PD Speakers

July 24 – In-House PD

Mike Murphy A UBC textbook corpus to identify EAP target vocabulary 

Mike Murphy  First-year Engineering Word List

Kerry Johnson TESOL 2015 Presentation DRL    TESOL 2015 Handout DRL   DRL examples

June12 – In-House PD

Sylvia Ozbalt IATEFL 2015 Open Spaces for Student-Centred Communication

March 20 – In-House PD

Laurie Douglas More than just listening

Margot Eden, Ayah Ouziel, Joy Lin Salzberg Several Shades of Listening





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