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We are very fortunate to have a number of opportunities for PD funding  here at the ELI. Here is a breakdown of what is offered. More information about how to apply will be added shortly. Application forms are available for download at the bottom of each page.

General PD Fund
Deadlines: December 15

This fund is for attending conferences or doing courses. More details and application here. (sign in to the intranet first) . Instructors can apply to receive PD Funds to a
maximum of $1500.

Examples: TESL Canada, TESOL, IATEFL, courses not covered by UBC but related to the profession (IELTS examiner)

Individual PD Fund
Deadline: February 27, 2015 (all receipts must be submitted at this time or no reimbursement will be given)

Each year, instructors on the seniority list, are eligible to receive up to $100 reimbursement for expenses associated with professional activities ($50 for pt).

Christine Smith Memorial Scholarships
Deadline: September 30th

An annual scholarship fund of $6000 to finance travel to conferences for two instructors, one for a North American (up to $3000) and one for an international trip (up to $3000).

PD Release Time (8 weeks FT or 16 weeks PT in the winter and fall sessions)
Deadlines: for January release – Friday of week 12 of the summer session prior; for September release – Friday of week 12 of the winter session prior

The opportunity to apply for teaching release for half a teaching session to pursue personal PD goals is offered to seniority list instructors at the ELI. The number of PD releases is determined by the amount of FTEs the year before in that session (winter determines winter, fall determines fall).

350 FTEs = 1 PD teaching release
365 FTEs = 2 PD teaching releases
380 FTEs = 3 PD teaching releases
395 FTEs = 4 PD teaching releases
410 FTEs = 5 PD teaching releases
425 FTEs = 6 PD teaching releases
440 FTEs = 7 PD teaching releases

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