PD General Fund

Professional Development General Fund

Allotment Periods and Deadlines

January 13 (January – July) and June 30th (August – December)

Each year, instructors on the seniority list are eligible to apply for Professional Development Funding from the General Fund. Instructors can apply to receive PD Funds to a maximum of $3000 to help support any of the following:• Partial or full fees for ELT related conferences such as TESOL and TESL Canada• Attendance at workshops, colloquia, etc. related to the profession (e.g. applied Linguistics, cross-cultural studies, IELTS or other examiner training, etc.)• Possible tuition coverage for graduate courses or relevant courses not available at UBC (e.g. offered at other colleges, universities; linguistics or intercultural courses, education seminars on learning styles, curriculum, testing, etc.)• Other (related to the profession of teaching EAL)

Criteria for allocation of PD funds:

a) previous funding received and length of time since applicant last received similar funding*b) purpose for which funds are required-relevance to the ELI context-event affiliation (e.g.) TESOL affiliated conference-attendee or presenter-type of presentation (e.g.) paper, poster session-role in the event (e.g.) board or committee involvementc) involvement in local professional development opportunitiesd) other criteria as determined by ELI pedagogical priorities and PD goalse) minimum of 2 years on the seniority list and continuous employment over the last 2 years*The maximum PD funding available to each instructor is $5000 over a 5 year period.

Travel Arrangements:

All travel arrangements must be made in consultation with the Program Assistant.All receipts must be submitted to Administration within 10 days of return. It is no longer necessary to submit a completed reimbursement form. Administration will document all your expenses and prepare your reimbursement based on the receipts you provide. Reimbursement will only be made for the receipts provided.

PD event follow up:

Successful recipients will write a report that will be posted on the ELI PD blog within one month of the completion of the activity/event, and must present at an in-house PD event. Instructors are encouraged to submit an article to the TEAL Newsletter.Application Form

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